Our Drain Repair Service

We have a vast experience of working in the commercial and domestic sector , whatever your drainage problem we can repair it, we use no-dig drainage technology to reline cracked drains and we have trained operatives to use excavators to dig down and replace broken drains if required.

We also have operatives certified to work in the highways and all our engineers know how to operate a spade !

How will DSS repair my drain?

Our main methods are shown below. Regardless of which is used by our engineers to carry out the repair, we will reinstate the area as good as new on completion. 

Drain lining and patches

No-dig technology, installing a lining which bonds to the inside of the faulty drain – creating a pipe within a pipe.

Drain Patches are similar to Drain Repair but it is a cheaper and better option where the entire length of pipe doesn’t need lining.

Drain Excavation

If drain lining is not suitable for your repair we will dig down onto the drain and carry out a traditional repair, if this is in a confined yard or a shallow drain we will hand dig it.

if its a bigger repair we will use a mechanical excavator as we have operatives qualified to operate machines upto 10 tonnes.

What responsibility do homeowners have for drains?

It is probably easier to say what drains are not your responsibility, rather than what drains are down to you.

Any problems with drains off the boundary of your property, are up to your local water authority to clear.

A collapsed or broken drain that is shared with one of your neighbours is also up to the water authority to repair, even if the drain is actually on your property.

Why does it matter who is responsible?

If it is the responsibility of your local water authority, then they will make good any repairs free of charge.

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